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Structures & Foundations
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Soil & Rock Mechanics

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To run delivered Python scripts you need to install
1. Python 2 or 3 distribution or Anaconda 2 or 3, whatever you like
  • Download and install from: or
  • Note that Python 2 is not supported since January 2020 so if you start with it start with Python 3 from the very beginning
  • Our scripts are Python 2/3 compatible
2. Extra packages to be installed
  • matplotlib
  • xlrd
  • xlwt
  • numpy
  • scipy
  • python-docx
  • these packages are usually not installed by default
these packages are usually not installed by default
Hand installation
To install them go to the windows command window and type : cmd
you will see a black window
Go to the installation Python or Anaconda directory (2 or 3)
c:\python311\scripts or  other directory
When you are already there just type the command:
pip install matplotlib
other packages install in the same way
In order to be sure that all needed packages are installed try to run tutorials and see if they work. If you get a message that some is missing because of dependencies you will need to install it via pip
Simpler procedure is just adding packages via PyCharm IDE
3. Developing environment (editing, running, debugging) (IDE)
PyCharm or any other PyCharm is an excellent environment with very good debugger and editor (install community version unless you already have professional one)
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